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Vanquis credit cards, credit cards, credit cards Affiliate Program Review

Vanquis Bank’s credit cards products serve customers ranging from those who have had credit problems in the past, to those completely new to credit, are self-employed or have a low income.
Our aim is to provide a range of credit cards that give them the options they deserve.

Vanquis Bank is a responsible lender and we provide our customers with support, and put in place credit limits that assist in controlling their spending. We do this by being transparent about our products and pricing, and providing high levels of customer service.

Vanquis credit cards, credit cards, credit cards Affiliate Program Details:

Commission: £20.00
Action Referral Period: 30 days
Average Validation time is several weeks long

Compliance credit cards

You are responsible for all legal and regulatory compliance in promoting the Vanquis card on your website. This includes the requirements under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and where necessary as a credit broker holding the necessary credit licence with the Office of Fair Trading

Why join the Vanquis credit cards, credit cards, credit cards Affiliate Program?

Vanquis has provided a variety of banners which may be used to promote the Vanquis visa card for your website

Vanquis credit cards, credit cards, credit cards Affiliate Program Contact Info:

Please contact [email protected]

Vanquis credit cards, credit cards, credit cards Affiliate Program Review

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