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Marketing Blogging is a powerful new trend that applies whether you are a marketer doing online or offline marketing. Why? Because consumers are looking for information on the web. And those consumers are not just consumers of products and services- increasingly, people are using the web to become consumers of information. Yes, there are hundreds of marketing print publications and there are dozens of marketing networking events, no matter what area you are operating in. But marketers are busy and business can move at the speed of thought- and when you need to find advice, perspective or information quickly, how do you find it?

1) You Google it.

2) You ask your friend or

3) You find a good resource and something else catches your eye.

Here is why marketing blogging is good for all three of these reasons from an information consumer’s perspective:

1) Marketing Blogging With Google, or any search engine for that matter, the amount of information available is simply gigantic. You can search for anything and get suggestions- and people know this, especially people who are looking for information. When all you have is a word or a phrase, an Internet search engine is the best option.

2) Marketing Blogging as friend’s recommendation: Bottom line is, it’s a lot easier to recommend a link to someone than it is to tell them they should go out and buy the magazine you’ve got sitting on your desk- or that they need to get this book that you can’t quite remember the name of…

3) Marketing Blogging that catches your eye: Even with all the wonders of Google, often you find 10 articles related to what you want but they aren’t quite exactly right- maybe because of the rankings or maybe because you typed in a general term. But the way blogs are structured, there will be dozens of links to other articles and bloggers on most every page, so if you need to figure out where to go next, that answer will be there just waiting to catch your eye.

Marketing Blogging from the marketing blogger’s perspective:

1) Marketing Blogging for Google: If you know how to do SEO, Google is a powerful awareness vehicle that only requires time and effort. This is great news for busy people who know a lot about marketing.

2) Marketing Blogging Connections to Friends: When you need to know something and want the source to be good, you ask your friends. With the rise of social media, asking your friend can be as simple as posting the question to Twitter or sending an email, or a text message. Your friend can recommend something with a link that gets you where you need to be instantly. Think about the number of recommended articles you have read that you heard of on a train or at a cocktail party vs. that you heard of in an email or a tweet? Instant access. As a marketing blogger, this means that people have access to your information, your perspective, and ultimately your name when they are looking.

3) Marketing Blogging Catches Your Eye: In a conversation or a magazine, chances are the only other things going on are distractions- whether something esle is happening in the room or there’s an ad for an unrelated product on the page or embedded in the article. On the Internet, articles routinely have links to related articles at the bottom of a post or in the comments- this means you can glean traffic from other blog posts by having the right titles in the right places.

Marketing blogging is a good idea as a general practice for thoughts and keeping your perspective fresh and available- and it is a great way to get found by those who are seeking information. Start doing it- if you’re reading this, you already started finding it.

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