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1. Londonist
Edited by Lindsey Clarke and Matt Brown, the Londonist covers everything that happens in London. As they say, “That means news, reviews and events; the history and future of London. We celebrate the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city.”
2. Dave Hill’s London Blog
Dave Hill from the Guardian writes his take on the goings on all around London.
3. London Daily Photo
He says it best: “A London photo every day. Some pictures will be there for their own sake, some because they are places you may like to see, all because they are part of what makes London what it is. Requests welcome!”
4. All In a Day’s Work
This one comes straight from the mind of a London cab driver- fascinating.
5. Derelict London
Called by the New Statesman, “As much as it is an inadvertent vision of how London might look after a catastrophe, Derelict London is valuable as a document of the one going on right in front of us.” Because every city has a rough side, here are the pictures.
6. London Underground
Award winning and dubbed, “”irreverent & informative,” this blog covers the goings on around the Tube, an interesting perspective on London life.
7. The London Review of Breakfasts
Just what it says it is. If you want to find the best London breakfast or a particular kind of way to start your day, plus a good story to go with it, this is your blog.
8. Diamond Geezer
This one comes straight from a surly blogger who calls it, “Life viewed from London E3” and has a countdown to the 2012 Olympics going on (just over 1000 days). Long blog posts that are fun to read that make you want to sit down and hear it live at a pub.
9. Pigeon Blog
Quirky blog that takes a look at the London experience through the life of a pigeon. And there’s lots of other Pigeon stuff in there too.
10. Visit London
A great London travel website that will get you all the information and connections you need to make your next London vacation the best it can be.

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