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Blogging Job Board For any freelance writer, finding wok is paramount. Getting steady gigs that fit your lifestyle, interests and workload can be difficult by word of mouth until you have a reputation and network established- even then the nature of freelance work dictates that you need to be on constant lookout for work.

This is especially true when you are a freelance blogger. When you write online, your network is primarily online and that means that looking for work happens online. Word of mouth still happens through social networks, but chances are you have not met some of your editors or employers in person, and as a result you may not be on the top of their mind when they are talking to others. And, when you meet new people, whether online or off, it may be more difficult to say you know someone in addition to working for or with them.

Blogging Job Board

So what does that mean as far as looking for work? It means that a blogging job board is essential. If you are a freelance blogger looking for work, a great way to get your name and work search out there is on Freelance Blogger, as well as other sites like Craigslist and ProBlogger job board.

The Blogging Job Board at FreelanceBlogger is great because it gives bloggers the chance to post what they are good at and what kind of blogging jobs they are interested in. Other blogging job board sites are focused on listing jobs from blogs, but that often means you spend your time scrolling through page after page of jobs that aren’t right for you and settling for something that maybe comes close.

If you are a freelance blogger who has steady gigs already but wants to put your name out there to get additional work, Freelance Blogger is a great blogging job board. For more blogging job board options, check out the Blogger Forum Top Ten.

Blogging Job Board


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