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Celebrity Blog Sites, Top 10 Celebrity Blog Sites

Bottom line is that people love to read about celebrities, whether for the gossip so they have something to think about that isn’t job-related or because the more you know the closer you feel to fame. If you need to scratch your celebrity gossip itch, here are:
Top 10 Celebrity Blog Sites:

1.    Gawker
Gossip and celebrity news from Hollywood to Manhattan- The newest and gossipest in everything celebrity and media. This one will keep you ready to talk about anything at the cocktail party- as long as it’s about celebrities.

2.    Best Week Ever
If you want funny, gossip-laden videos with a comedic twist, this is your blog. Funny sketch comedy and even a lot of audience participation contests. Funny in a news way rather than funny in a snarky way- enjoy.

3.    Perez Hilton
If only for the fact that he gets over 7 million visitors a day on Facebook, Perez has become the default name when you think about an authority on celebrities in the blog world. And he has a knack for being in the news himself- Will.i.am? Miss California? And the tagline: “Celebrity Juice, not from concentrate…”
4.    Hollywood Rag
Trashy, trashy, trashy- and just lots of pictures, which puts it ahead of many of the others. Quick commentary without much substance, this one is for the visually inclined.

5.    Jezebel
As they say: “Celebrity, Sex, and Fashion for Women.” Gossip and news from the celebrity world in the spirit of that famous make-up artist- Jezebel herself.
6.    TMZ
Short, snarky, trashy entries and seemingly informed of things I can’t believe there are sources for, this blog serves up everything from the ongoing Michael Jackson death investigation to celebrity tax lien news- you keep thinking, “just one more…”
7.    The Superficial
With a  tagline of, “Because you’re ugly” you know this blog is all about looks and isn’t pulling any punches. You want celebrity overload that’s all about photos? This is where you need to spend your superficial time.
8.    Jossip
Almost Huff Post-like, this one is all over the news spectrum. They go all the way from politics to celebrity to stuff you didn’t know was gossip until you heard it here!

9.    D-Listed
Fun and funny. When you want gossip with no filter and actually a pretty intelligent, word-smithing snarky commentary with decent photos that aren’t always recycled, go here.

10.    Pink is the New Blog
This one is fun and it’s pink- though as they say on the homepage, “This is where I create and regurgitate all the news that’s fit to type. Hearsay & Gossip, Rumor & Fact.” Not much original content, but they do it well. And it’s pink.

Celebrity Blog Sites, Top 10 Celebrity Blog Sites