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With over 822,000 Fans, the Celebs on Facebook Fan Page is testament to the power of celebrity in social media. The page keeps tabs on the Facebook updates and communications of all the celebrities on Facebook, reprinting their updates so that you know who is saying what and when.
The Info tab says, “Get the inside scoop on what celebrities are doing on Facebook!” and goes on to say that the page is run by employees at Facebook itself. An interesting development in itself- a social media company personally aggregating the activity of its most famous users. While Facebook does not have a list to help you get started like Twitter does, Facebook does take pains to highlight its celebrity users. They have up-to-date lists of the top celebrity Fan Pages ranked by number of Fans, but that is only part of the story. Some of those pages are seldom if ever updated and get fans simply because they are there and people like those celebrities for outside reasons.

The interesting thing about the Celebs on Facebook Fan Page is that it focuses on celebrities who are actually using Facebook to connect with fans. And to offset the ranking of celebrities by number of Fans, they have done something interesting with the “Other Pages” tab. With an app powered by Involver, they have a picture gallery of many of the celebrity Facebook Fan Pages. The pictures seem to be organized more or less by who updates their page most frequently, or perhaps recently- either way, this means that if what you really want is to see updates from celebrities on Facebook, this is the page for you.

It’s an interesting Facebook marketing angle for the company to take, highlighting their celebrity users with employee time. And with more fans than some of the celebrities it highlights, apparently it is working.

Celebs on Facebook Fan Page


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