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Direct Marketing is alive and well and has churned out many manifestations in the online world. In its purest form, direct marketing means individuals marketing to individuals, so it can encompass many different approaches. If you are looking for some great voices either around direct marketing or that will be helpful in your direct marketing pursuits, here are some blogs to check out:

Direct Marketing Blog Top Ten

1. Direct Marketing Observations
Just what it says and the observations are about all aspects and forms of Direct Marketing and there has been a lot on social media marketing lately. Daily updates and great insight.
2. Bob Bly
A great blog from Bob Bly who has been in the marketing world for decades- it offers perspective and insight on all things direct marketing. He comes from the copywriter side.
3. The Direct Marketing Blog
Great tips and case studies from Marigold Technologies.
4. Red Clay Media Direct Marketing Blog
Brian Rice and Sev Paso blog about all that is new and working in the direct marketing world.
5. RRW Consulting’s Direct Marketing Blog
This blog has a great set of tips and tools. “RRW Consulting understands direct marketing. We’ve figured out the secret of using data and analytics to increase our clients’ ROI.” They’ve definitely figured out some things and they share.
6. Ted Griggs’ DMGC blog
A great blog on Direct Markting from Ted Griggs out of Dallas, Texas. This blog goes into his thoughts and perspectives on Direct Marketing and he often makes use of his personal work as examples.
7. Marketing Sherpa
As they say, “MarketingSherpa researches what works in marketing via exclusive Case Studies, surveys, results data analysis and lab tests. Then we publish what we learn so our community of marketers and weekly readers can improve their results and train their teams.” Good information abounds.
8. Mark Liebner
Mark shares lots of tips and resources for Internet-based direct marketing.
9. Direct Mail Blog
This one focuses on physical direct mail and is full of tips, news and resources.
10. Direct Marketing and More
News and trends in and from the Direct Marketing world.

Direct Marketing Blog Top Ten


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