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Facebook Marketing is a strong boost for both for profit companies to connect with their customers and build their brands. And it is already well-known that having a strong social media presence will do the same for individuals.

With last week’s Summer of Social Good Conference from Mashable, it became apparent that social cause- driven nonprofits can also have a major impact through online channels. One organization, Artful Change, is on a mission to blend the passion of artists for creating art with the often shared passion for being stewards to the Earth. As they say, “Artfulchange creates art & music events to raise funds for other environmental and social nonprofits.”

With over 500 Fans at their Jay Trainer Band Facebook page and an active local fan base, the Jay Trainer Band and Artful Change use facebook marketing to connect the online community in offline events.

Artful Change is sponsoring the September 1 Green Drinks San Francisco meeting at 111 Minna and the Jay Trainer Band is playing the event. Jay Trainer, lead singer of the band and founder of Artful Change, is a singer and songwriter with a deep respect for life and the planet we live on. Arful Change was born of his desire to bring his two passions together.

San Francisco Green Drinks is the San Francisco chapter of a U.S.-wide organization that holds a large social networking event for several hundred green professionals, bringing together a broad range of community partners, businesses and non-profits contribute to the event, building and growing the green community of the Bay Area.

Find them on Facebook, and if you are in the San Francisco area and want to find out what is going on in the city’s green scene and see some great music that supports area nonprofits, come see the Jay Trainer Band at San Francisco Green Drinks.

Facebook Marketing in Action with Artful Change and the Jay Trainer Band


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