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Freelance bloggers are a new breed of writer with a classic set of skills and challenges. Just as freelance writers of the last century worked as writers and reporters for hire to the best publications and the highest bidder, so do freelance bloggers post at multiple sites on an array of topics.

A freelance blogger can turn copy around, making quick work of a slow news day. One advantage the freelance blogger has over a freelance writer is that the seeds of the stories are delivered to their inbox. While there have always been public relations and story pitches from the outside, a freelance blogger often has the latitude to choose from dozens of stories in an RSS reader as the beginnings of a post. Another advantage is the availability of photos through the creative commons license on photo hosting sites like Flickr. This means that freelance bloggers don’t need to work with freelance photographers and that creatives are available as long as credit is given.

Freelance bloggers do face challenges, though. The AP recently issued a statement saying that they would charge several dollars per word if bloggers quote over 5 words from an AP article. While there is plenty of other news out there, that does take out one of the major news sources for article reference.

Another major challenge freelance bloggers face is finding work that fits with their niche. Blogging forums and job boards like FreelanceBlogger are great ways to not only find sites looking for bloggers but to also make known what kind of blogging you like and want to do to see if you, as a blogger, are a good fit with what a given blog site is looking for.

In the end, freelance blogging is a great way to make sure your voice is heard, pick up extra income, and be part of the newest form of journalism and creative writing: Freelance Bloggers.

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