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I interviewd John Chow in the Blog Lounge in New York at Affiliate Summit New York lask week. John Chow who’s blog is titled I Make Money Online by Telling People How I Make Money Online . John had just stolen all the beer from the bar Affiliate Summit East – Stealing All The Beer.

Notes from the Video:
-As you can probably tell from my face there were lots of people walking around in front of us at the time of the interview.
– You can tell by his t-shirt that he was sponsored at the event by MarketLeverage. And he had fixed one of their competitions by stealing all the entries.
-John says that personal relationships are the most important things in affiliate marketing.
-John says that planning ahead for your show and pre arranging appointments is critical to success.
-John would love you to sign up for his free newsletter http://www.johnchow.com/.

You can read more of John’s coverage of the event here 
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