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Online Gaming for Affiliates with John Samson of Snoopy Agency and his new website GamRep for Gaming Affiliates


I met John Samson of Snoopy Agency during one of the first A4U events three years ago on a boat on the Thames. Aside of his online advertising agency, he has recently launched a new service called GamRep, a very innovative monetization service for gaming affiliates, with a positioning I never encountered before, maybe something to inspire from in other sectors…

What is GamRep?

GamRep is specialized in the monetization and sales of advertising spaces from mid-level to high profile international gaming affiliate sites. We offer consulting and sales services to affiliates with one goal: increase their advertising revenues.
We saw two signals in the gaming industry:
– Affiliates have an important progression potential in terms of traffic monetization
– They spend a lot of time and energy dealing with operators, following stats on many interfaces, comparing offers, managing campaigns etc…, at the expenses of other tasks like content and SEO.
Aware of this gap in the market, we decided to launch this new service six months ago. It’s aimed at poker and sports betting affiliates, generating at least 100 cash players per month. We are also considering smaller affiliates with potential of growth.

Your model is close to affiliate or advertising networks?
Our businesses are definitely different. We are experts in monetization of advertising spaces for (big) affiliate’s websites, in poker and sports betting. We act at a deeper level, from the organization of advertising spaces to the analysis of stats.
If you have any doubt: our affiliates keep their own account on affiliate and advertising networks, and also on operator’s in-house affiliate programs.
There are many advertising agencies which help advertisers; we are doing the same with affiliates.

What are you doing exactly for affiliates?
We are dealing with:
– the organization and optimization of advertising spaces
– the definition and update of the advertising offer
– its presentation and distribution to advertisers
– the negotiation and closure of deals
– the formalization of agreements (insertion order, contract) and follow-up of payments
– the statistical analysis of the profitability for each advertising space and advertiser.
We tackle different issues such as: how many operators do I list? What banner size should I use and where? How can I optimize the exposure of my advertisers within my editorial policy? Is there any cannibalization between ads? What advertisers or offers are the most profitable on this specific ad space? What commission model (CPA, rev share, CPC, minimum fee …) and level can I negotiate?

Somehow you are increasing prices for advertisers?
No. It‘s true that our weight and role provides us privileged relationships with operators, but this is only a small part of the value we bring, as explained above.

What do you offer to advertisers?
Intermediaries (affiliate networks, agencies) and in-house affiliate managers are very happy to work with us: We show a lot of availability, they have one single contact for many top affiliates, which simplifies the work. We help with the formalization of agreements, and build long term deals with them (up to 12 months). They appreciate the work we accomplish to increase amounts of clicks to their sites. With GamRep, buyers have a clear visibility of what they are paying for, where they will appear and for how long.

How far are you in your development? What are your projects?
Two top affiliates already joined GamRep: NeoPoker.fr (1st on the French for online poker on Google.fr) and CMedia Network (leader on the Spanish market, with a growing presence on the French market). Now, we are looking for new affiliates with high potential, new partnerships are –already in the pipelines.

Online Gaming with John Samson of Snoopy Agency and his new website GamRep for Gaming Affiliates