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For all the talk about advertising moving away from top-down delivery, television is still a huge forum both for the creative arts and for advertising. And people love watching tv- whether it is the older demographic that grew up with it or the folks who don’t want to have to navigate the Internet and like the consistency and format of television (or just the high definition and other bells and whistles options), television isn’t going anywehere. But there is a lot of bad out there, and you have to know how to wade through. These blogs can help:

Online TV Reviews

1. Television Without Pity

Just fun. They have all the reviews, information and news you could want and some of the most fun television blog posts that are just fun to see.

2. TV Squad

Like E! News on the Internet, this blog brings you the highlights of what has been happening, the news and the gossip from the television show world, and what you can expect from the shows on the upcoming seasons and episodes.

3. The Hollywood Reporter

Reviews of upcoming and TV series seasons that aren’t too long and do a good job getting to the point. Tons of other reiviews on the tabs and archived on the site.

4. Metacritic

Great site design that almost looks like the Huffington Post focusing on media reviews, this site combines professional critic reviews with user generated reviews and simple numerical stats to show you the general opinion.

5. TV Guide

You remember TV Guide, right? They are still making it happen with an extensive library of episode and series reviews. Great reads. It’s amazing to think that they used to publish a magazine whose focus was telling you what was on television and when. A print publication, no less.

6. TV.com

This site has reviews, clips, episodes and everything else you need to be fully immersed in the TV world!

7. EP Guides

4800 shows catalogued- everything from past to present that you could want.

8. Tioti.com

This isn’t all reviews, but it is a social media network focusing on television lovers- check it out.

9. LocateTV

This is a social network to find resources and information about your favorite tv shows- not reviews in the traditional sense, but a wealth of information and other peoples’ opinions.

10. Side Reel

They also offer a stockpile of information and resources on all your favorite television shows.

Online TV Reviews and the Best Online TV Reviews Blogs


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