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“Social media monitoring and analytics comes of age with Alterian’s acquisition of market leader Techrigy …..Marketers now able to harness the power of the consumer’s voice within social media as an integral part of their online and offline marketing strategy”. This comes from Alterian’s press release about their recent acquisition. Certainly on murraynewlands.com when I get picked up on a blog with a newsletter I see a spike in traffic from the newsletter as well as directly from the site covering me. I also often get a spike of traffic from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well occasionally LinkedIn. What is new is the possibility of understanding how much social media traffic comes from email and adding share buttons for Twitter or Facebook to emails with the ability to track the passed on social media marketing benefits. Social media marketing solutions providers will be able to optimise email marketing creative’s which translate will into social media marketing take up. Look out for more social media marketing solutions based on email triggers. In practice you could see users clicking on an email optimised to make them share it on Facebook and depending upon which share they pressed receiving more emails based on that social network or a particular type of message. Social media marketing solutions and email just got a whole lot smarter.

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