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Social Networking is one of the fastest growing types of interaction on the web. Not only are there the popular services like Facebook and Twitter, but there are thousands of forums for people with all kinds of interests. Here are some great social networking forum options:

1. Bebo
Bebo is an acronym for “Blog Early, Blog Often” and is a community of people who create forums around their interests and many members blog in those areas. There is also a Bebo music component that allows bands to host a community.

2. Care2
Care2 is a social network that revolves around green issues. Its mission is to connect members, businesses and organizations around

3. Social Vibe
Social Vibe is dedicated to connecting people working toward charitable causes and often a great place to find a sponsor(s) for a charitable project.

4. Yuku
From KickApps, this social networking community allows you to create your own highly customizable forum.

5. Last.fm
A social networking site based around music that recommends and streams music based on what you like. They also host the largest human-powered music catalogue online.

6. Meet Up
Meet Up is a social network meant to help people use the Internet to organized meetings offline for a variety of causes and gatherings- two popular groups are Facebook Developers and Blogger Meet Ups.

7. Ning
Ning is an online social networking destination that enables users to create their own online communities and social networks around any issue or topic.

8. Classmates.com
As you would expect- this service helps people find and stay in touch with people they were classmates with at any point in their lives.

9. Don’t Stay In
A primarily UK-based social network based on clubbing. Everything you want to know, from what’s in to where to go, and all the people you want to meet and stay in touch with in the clubbing world.

10. Hi5
Social networking site similar to Facebook that is popular all over the world but not in the United States. Said to be the 3rd most popular social networking site in the world.

Social Networking Forum Top Ten


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