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Blogging is essential and has been around now for years. Now come Vlogging, or Video blogging. The great thing here is that you can do it from your phone, your computer, your anything, and it is accessible to anyone who is able to create and upload video. Here are the most popular Vloggers right now:

Vlogs Top Ten

1. iJustine

Justine is a true social media video blogging celebrity. She does everything from videos and commentary to something like a variety show- and her Twitter remake of Rockin’ Robin is not to be missed.

2. Alive in Baghdad

This was an award winning vlog years ago that continues to be consistent and amazing. In short (as they tell it): “Alive in Baghdad employs Iraqi journalists to produce video packages each week about a variety of topics on daily life in Iraq.”

3. Heather’s Vlog

Heather from the LiamShow has a Vlog about being a vampire teenager. Funny stuff, often going back and forth with her alcoholic, rowdy father who is always watching TV in the background.

4. . Storm Dog Marketing

Great short videos with small business tips that are useful, concise and consistent.

5. The Pink Chanelier

“Stories and comments from a very ‘girly’ mother of boys.” This is a frequently updated Vlog that is a great example of how Vlogging can enhance traditional blogging, be PR-friendly and utilize social media to the fullest.

6.We Show

An online video aggregator that has been around since 2007, this is a news-style show a la MTV News that covers Vlogging and videos around the web.

7. Lyle the Intern’s Vlog on David Letterman

Once something makes it to Late Night TV you know it’s time to know about it. This is Letterman having fun with an imaginary VLog of an intern.

8. Vlog Blog

Interested in starting your own Vlog and want to learn about news, tips and trends in the Vlog world? This is the blog for you. As they say, “Communicating through Video – Tools, Tips, and Trends”

9. Vlogs are the future of Corporate PR

Not a Vlog itself but a 2008 post from Jason Calacanis about the benefits and future of Vlogging in the corporate PR world. I put it on this list because Vlogging is still a new medium working itself out and this shows the forward-thinking uses of Vlogging.

10. 12 Seconds

Look for Vlogs to be taking off as video cameras get easier to carry around and get ubiquitous on phones. 12 seconds is like Twitter for video.

Vlogs and Vlogging Top Ten Examples and Resources


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