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Affilicon Germany, Affiliate Marketing Conference & Exhibition will we see you there?

Affilicon October 20-23

For Advance Registration http://www.affilicon.com/Europe/events-information.html 

Your opportunity to meet face-to-face with top international people in the business. Affilicon Europe is the premier yearly event for European Affiliates, Global vendors, affiliate networks and specially German vendors who look to extend their business over the Internet

Who Should Attend?
Experienced and new affiliates from all around Europe.
Vendors looking to extend their reach and cooperation with affiliates from Europe. These affiliates are known for their quality and high performance.
Local vendors planning or already active in the affiliation market.
Internet players (Media, ad agencies, bloggers, SEO and SEM experts, etc’).
Affilicon Europe is the first event dedicated to affiliates and their respective partners to be held in Germany, Europe. We look into conducting this event once a year and turn it as the premier event for affiliates in this region.

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