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Going to Germany for business? Here are some blogs to get you in the know for your visit.

Berlin Blogs Top Ten

1. Berlinesque

Somehow, this blog has the local take on life in Berlin. It gives the perspective from someone on the street- not so much for the traveler as far as logistics, but good to look at to get a sense of the city.

2. Still In Berlin

As they say, “StilinBerlin explores the style of Berlin. We try to picture the urban, cosmopolitan and multicultural spirit of the city, we live in.”

3. Berlin Life

This blog is a great locals information resource for everything from restaurants and nightlife to shopping and travel tips.

4. Berlin O philia

This one is a culinary tour of what they call Berlin: a symphony of a city. Great tips, recs and reviews.

5. Berlin Munchies

You know, it’s just what it says: A blog about a couple of writers cruising around Berlin and taking in the good eats. It’s a great take from people who live there who aren’t steeped in food-critic language.

6. Behind the Lens

Berlin in pictures from the eyes of an expat. It’s fun to read and the photos are great- tourist-like in their take on the city, but with a lived-in feel.

7. I Heart Berlin

This is about the most earnest About page I’ve ever read: “We live in Berlin and we heart it so much that we have to share our love for it by running this blog. Here you find reviews and tips if you visit or live in Berlin and want to know how to find the good stuff. From restaurants to shops, from theaters to art galleries, from concerts to party, from places to people.”

8. Berlin Travel Blog

This is a touristy-page, but it does give you a great head-start into what to do when you visit Berlin. Worth checking out for the links and depth.

9. Berlin Blogs

The thoughts and musings of someone living in Berlin- it’s great for seeing an interesting take on the culture there- and this blog also has amazing links to blogs for subcultures out there.

10. Broke in Berlin

What Berlin is like with no money.

Berlin Blogs Top Ten


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