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Fake celebrities on Facebook and twitter provide entertainment for users and a quick fix or social networks keen to build user numbers but without more identity checks are we in danger to becoming increasingly sceptical of the users and motives of social networking profiles and are Fake celebrities on Facebook and twitter us the thin edge of the wedge? I can see how fledgling social networks have no incentive to stop fake celebrity profiles. I now receive more daily invitations for friend request on Facebook on a daily basis than ever before any of these are from people I have never meet. Many more marketers I know are asking my advice as to how to reach people using social media. I know those asking me for advice on a personal basis and discuss there movies before providing more advice, but do we really know how we are going to be aggressively market to of the next few years by those exploiting fake identity’s on Facebook and twitter? Is it time we had some kind of identity certification on social networks?

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