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PR Review, PR SUCCESS made easy by Paul Green

Paul Green was recommended to me by Nadeem Azam who gave me a great PR Review of Paul’s work. Over the last few years Paul has lined  up a large number of media opportunities for Nadeem in print and on the radio, so then Nadeem told me about Paul’s new book “PR SUCCESS Made Easy” I new I wanted one. The first 500 book registrations get a free copy so I signed up to get mine immediately. The book came the next day.

PR Review of PR SUCCESS made easy by Paul Green

Among the Chapters there are chapters on (there are more but these were my favorites):

-The 5 unbreakable rules of free publicity
-21 killer ideas for free publicity
-Getting the basic story right
-Writing a press release
-Passing the “So what? Test
-Send it to the right journalists
-Getting ready to do media interviews
-The biggest PR mistakes made by business owners

Devoid of waffle Paul’s book gets straight to the point and stays there. If you are looking for a detailed text book with lots of long boring explanations then you are in the wrong place. This is a book for someone that wants to practice PR not read about it. I could have wished for a bit more in the book but that tells me how good it is. You can sign up for yours here and do your own PR Review: http://www.publicityheaven.com/uk/