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Rrripple is a brand new social media sharing platform unveiled at this week’s TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco. Rrripple describes itself as a new way to share life with others, giving users control over their online social world. rrripple.com is an easy and private way to organize and send photos, videos, documents and messages to specialized groups.

“We built rrripple to put the process and control of sharing with the groups in our lives — friends, family, spouses, work colleagues, hiking buddies, new moms, etc. — back into the hands of the sharer,” explains Andres Davidovits, co-founder and CEO.

The new service puts a high value on privacy, personal choice in sharing, and holds up its intuitive, visually-based interface that makes for easy use. It organizes information in a timeline-based sequence and is ideally suited for an iPhone app. In function, rrripple is like Facebook or Twitter, but users can make private groups like Ning.

Rrripple bills itself as the next step in social networks, as a way to organize and share all of that information we find and create with exactly the people we want to share it with. It reminds me a little of creating an email group- while this may sound archaic (!), what I mean is that the last time I remember being able to select the individual accounts to receive my information is by going through an email list and choosing the right people- rrripple allows people to do that with their social media lists.

“Although we are all social beings, and technology has made this natural tendency hyper-efficient, we increasingly need the power to shape how it is we broadcast our thoughts, ideas and a full range of media to both intimate and far-flung connections. In other words: we don’t want algorithms to make those determinations for us.” said Heather Hiles, co-founder of RippleSend and rrripple.

As they say: Rrripple: Life flows… share it.

Find out more about rrripple at http://www.rrripple.com/  or you can watch the rrripple introduction video.

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