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Strongmail Systems UK an interview with Paul Bates UK managing director at ad:tech

Paul talks about how StrongMail Influencer can be used to add social network links to email and increase the reach of your email campaign well beyond you current email list.

“The winning “exclusive access” email was opened by 48% of those mailed. Of those, over
10% became “Influencers” for the Mint.com brand by sharing the invitation with, on average,
5 friends each, significantly expanding its reach.”

“StrongMail’s dedicated marketing and transactional email solutions eliminate the limitations of traditional email service providers and custom-built solutions, enabling businesses to deliver more relevant, timely and cost-effective messages.” http://www.strongmail.com/

About StrongMail® Influencer™
StrongMail® Influencer™ injects rich social networking functionality into any email
communication – allowing email marketers to extend the reach of their programs by
creating engaging experiences that invite consumers to share their brand or offer with
friends, relatives and colleagues.

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