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Discountshuffle, launched September 2009, offers an online advertising platform that allows users to get a discount at a randomly chosen registered online shop. It is aimed at users who are looking for a online discount and want to have a bit of fun in the process.

The website works as follows. Online shops can register one or several links with Discountshuffle. These are added to a pool of links. Users that navigate to Discountshuffle are redirected to a randomly shuffled link out of the pool which leads to the site of an online shop where the discount is offered. At this stage the user has the option to either purchase the items on offer or go back to Discountshuffle for another go.

The site offers several advantages for both users and shops. Users have a centralized place from where they can obtain discounts in a fun way. They can also explore new shops and subsequently find new items that they can buy at a discount. Shops benefit from the opportunity that they can advertise via a unique concept and target an audience that are willing to spend money for the right product and discount.

Discountshuffle is based in Germany, currently focusing primarily on the US and European online shop advertising market. The team behind the project are based in Germany and Spain with experiences as wide ranged as media and corporate finance. Nevertheless the much needed IT knowledge lies in house.


In summary Discountshuffle offers a portal, where online shops have the option of advertising discounted products to users that are on the lookout to make a deal on their next purchase.

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