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Facebook application promotion the truth is here

Dennis Yu analyst and co-founder at BlitzLocal.com wrote about Facebook application promotion.

“We’re probably paying 15 cents a click for Facebook traffic, but the 80%+ bounce rate means we’re losing 4 out of every 5 folks on the landing page. With Google AdWords, we’re paying 50 cents a click, but bouncing only 42%– in other words, losing 2 out of every 5 visitors.

So with Google, we’re paying 3 times as much per click, but keeping twice as many folks past the landing page. On a per kept visitor basis, Facebook is still a better deal.”

I would say that they are getting more than just an increase in sales and conversion; advertisers are potential in the conversation of a lot more people via Facebook application promotion. Facebook ads in themselves are normally bought on a PPC basis and the lower ad click rate will have meant much greater brand exposure than offered by PPC, further more due to the greater number of clicks the onsite brand exposure is greater. There is also a greater possibility with Facebook users to share the information from the site they have travelled to with a Facebook share feature given that they have just come from Facebook.

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