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Lyndon Antcliff linkbaiting and Google.  Want to enter the conversation with 100,000 people in one day Lyndon Antcliff is your man. I meet Lyndon Antcliff at the A4uexop. In my recent talk at Izeaest I talked about the death of content and the rise of conversation. Now we are all seeking to be part of conversation well Lyndon Antcliff promises to get you attention, with the hottest linkbating headlines in town and the ability to hook you up with the right contact to promote it. Clearly having headlines which make people click to read is a good proportion of the battle. I am hoping to get an interview with Lyndon shortly about his magneticwebcontent.com linkbaiting service.


What do others say about him? “Lyndon (like many of us) is getting, by the sounds of it, a little fed up with being called an SEO expert, probably because of all the negative publicity caused by scam merchants popping onto the scene, so now says “I no longer call myself an SEO and have not done for a long time, (if I ever was one) and I now the pursue the path of viral content creator”….Lyndon seems to know a thing or three about Linkbaiting and has been quoted in the Sunday Times no less!”

Lyndon Antcliff

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