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Twitter Expert Twaddle – Sex Lie Secrets and how to get it right in 4 steps.

Ok I have had enough of the “twitter expert” twaddle I have been hearing lately. So here is the truth. All these people telling you, do twitter my way are lying to you.

Twitter is a social media and like society there are different ways to approach your social interactions and different conversations.

Here is the little secret – you get the listeners who like what you talk about. It is just like talking with people in real life.

If you talk about football all day you will get people who listening who like you football chat.

If you talk about your coffee break you will get people who like to hear about your coffee.

If you talk about business you will get people listing who like to know about your business.

If you talk about sex and offer links to HARD CORE PORN LOL –LINK then you will get those people listening to you.

Got it? Simple…

If you have a voucher website and rss feed your vouchers to your twitter feed is that wrong. NO as long as you are not spamming people and people subscribe. YES it is the right thing to do there ARE people who want to know about your vouchers and will love your feed. Do you have to add a personal touch, yes some people will like that interaction but you do not have to. Some people will not like that. Some people will like it.

If you want to interact with customers then twitter about that and you will build up that audience.

Can you mix both- yes but you have to think how will the people listing to the conversation take it. Get the mix right.

It you want to grow your list and send them

How to get involved in Twitter? This is my suggestion.

1 Work out who you want to have a conversation with and what you want to talk about. This could be competitors, friends people who’s blogs you read.

2 Lookup contacts in you know or know of who will be having that conversation with that audience and listen to them and who they talk with.

3 Think a person hearing the conversation how you perceive it and what bits you want to interacting in.

4 Then start slowly to interact with the people they are interacting with.

Remember there is no write way to do Twitter there is your wayto Twitter.

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