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Greg Rollett pitches himself as a social media “guru” but is it all smoke and mirrors.

Would you trust this man?

Under 30 Rock Star Training Course Review

Greg Rollett recently started running training coursed called the Under 30 Rock Star Training. I know several over 3o’s who did the course and have raved about it including our very own Connie Roberts. So I wanted to know for myself what is was all about. I asked Greg for a logging to see the course and have started running through the material. Well so far I have watched week one by Jared O’Toole. Yes I will be watching the other weeks and reviewing them too.

So how was it for me?
Jared did a live video streaming talking head for an hour followed by Q and A. I watched the recordings. Jared gave a considered introduction to what blogging is all about from the prospectuses of being a 20-30 year old. How blogging can be used to build personal brand, to start a business and then to propel you wiht in an inductry. I would like to have had him talk more about how you can use it to engage your audience in conversation not just project.  Without going into all the details Jeraed then went on to describe how to setup a blog, what to write about, how to make it viral and do’s and don’ts.

Did I learn something?
Suppressed – yes. Well I would say that but that would be belittle Jared O’Toole and Greg Rollett who is actually pretty good at it. It was also great reinforcement to the stuff I know already. Greg Rollett made a good first choice. Worth $100? If you want to take your blog to the next level then yes I would say so,even from week one.

Greg is about to do it again, he wants to take more people’s money, please contact him: http://www.rockstarlifestyledesign.com/contact/ (this is not an affiliate link)

Watch out for more to come on Greg Rollett