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Landing page is the first page which a user visits at your website after clicking an ad, a link in an email, search results etc. It is the first time you interaction with your prospects and put your first impression on them. The success of any online campaign depends on how well designed is your landing page. The mains aim of your landing page is to pursue your visitors to take the desired action which would help you to attain your goal. If your landing page can’t convert your visitors in to your customers then you might having some serious problems with your landing pages which I am going to discuss in the article and how you can avoid them.

Non Relevant:-  The biggest mistake most of the advertisers do is to create landing pages which are not relevant to ad they are using to get traffic. For eg:- If they are offering blue widgets in their ad then their landing page don’t contain any information about the blue widgets. You should make custom landing pages for each offer so that user could feel that they are at the right place.

Not So Important Content: -Your visitors don’t have time to read lots of content on your Landing page. It’s a matter of few seconds in which they make a decision. If they can’t get the information they are searching for they will decide to go away from your landing page. Put all the important information which your prospects are searching for at the top and less important supportive information at the bottom.

Call to action Link: – The other common mistake which the advertisers do is to place their call to call to action link at the bottom which is not easily visible to users and hard to find. The call to Action Link should be always at the top where it could be easily visible to user when he visits the page.

Too Many Distractions: – Some Landing pages tell about multiple offers to the user at the same time which distracts the user mind and make it difficult for him to take decision. Your Landing page should focus only at one offer at one time. Also you can remove links from your landing pages to other parts of the website. In this way you can control the content what your users want to see and create an ideal environment for user to take decisions.

Complex Process: – Landing pages those contain a complex process which you want your user to complete i.e either buying a product or completing a form don’t convert well as most of the users leave it in middle and can’t complete it successfully. You should try to provide a shortest and easiest path so that users can take the desired action easily.

No Transparency: – Most of the people are not comfortable in providing any information online or buying a product from any new website. Your landing should be able to build trust and credibility among your users. It should contain information about your business policies and how your company intends to use their personal information. If you are trying to sell a product then testimonials from your happy customers and logos or awards from other reputable organizations help a lot in building credibility.

Gagandeep Singh is a freelance writer and loves to write on gadgets, Technology, Landing Page design and Testing, SEO and Affiliate Marketing

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