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Adsmarket.com and PlusTrees.org announced on November 2, 2009 a global partnership with the goal of taking on global warming and deforestation issues, one tree at a time.

“With the current global deforestation rate and the growing global warming concerns, the planet needs at least 8 billion trees planted each year. PlusTrees hopes to contribute to this by planting at least 1 million trees each year. Funds for this will be obtained through creative new media campaigns and global partnerships with leading companies such as Adsmarket. We are very pleased with the support of Adsmarket in our mission”, says Frans van Hulle, Founder of PlusTrees.org.

Affiliate network Adsmarket.com is the global provider of affiliate marketing services to PlusTrees.org, providing international reach and exposure for the organization through its thousands-strong Publisher base.  In addition to this boost of marketing for PlusTrees, Adsmarket is giving part of the earnings back to PlusTrees.org for tree planting and to help them accomplish their mission of planting 1 million trees a year.

Adsmarket.com CEO, Ofer Druker:  “By giving a portion of our profits back to PlusTrees, Adsmarket shows support for the important role it fills, and our faith in the program.  We offer a green challenge to the affiliate industry; it’s worth all of the effort to invest in the important things that also happen ‘offline’, namely environmental and earth-friendly ventures. “

PlusTrees.org will plant native trees in areas debilitated by deforestation. The trees will be conserved for at least 20 years and the trees will not be used for any commercial purpose.  In the process they contribute to local economies and educate local farmers and communities on nurseries and planting techniques.  Through the purchase of new trees, individual participants directly contribute to reforestation efforts in areas in Central America.

For Publishers and Affiliates interested in joining the PlusTrees Affiliate Program, here’s where you can sign up: are the details:  http://www.plustrees.org/?p=715

Program Details

Available Programs: 
PlusTrees UK (8967, 8971 – Incentivized)
PlusTrees US (8979, 8983 – Incentivized)
PlusTrees SE (8987, 8991 – Incentivized)
PlusTrees DK (8995, 8999 – Incentivized)
PlusTrees NO (9003, 9007 – Incentivized)
PlusTrees FN (9011, 9015 – Incentivized)
PlusTrees CH (9019, 9023 – Incentivized)

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User Flow: Users need to submit their details in page 1 and enter credit card details on page Target Demographics: Users 25+
Restrictions:  Search Marketing is not allowed, but may be approved on specific request. Please contact your account manager if you wish to use Search Marketing.  Advertising within Content networks is allowed.  Users must be Over 18+ to join PlusTrees. 

Additional benefits to Publishers:  The landing pages for the campaign were built using a clear call-to-action message/design. The banners are straightforward and appealing to users.

Adsmarket.com is an international affiliate network located in Tel Aviv, Israel, providing affiliate marketing solutions to Publishers and Advertisers worldwide. www.adsmarket.com

PlusTrees.org is a reforestation organization, located in Panama and with focus on planting native trees in Central America. www.plustrees.org