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Now I would start by saying that this is based on a email sent to me about how mommy bloggers can make money but I have added some spice.

Build Your Knowledge Base: The more you know the more valuable you will be to companies that want to reach mom bloggers. Although it seems every company in the world has already marketed to our community, you’d be surprised how many are just starting to realize how valuable our voices are.

If you position yourself as someone who not only understands our community, but also understands the dynamics of our community and what ultimately makes us tick, companies may hire you to share your expertise with them. If you have a PR or marketing background this is an avenue you could easily pursue.

Case studies are particularly good at this because they show what you can do but also explain things in ways that people can easily identify with.

Go Local: So many of us see the huge brands with millions of dollars invested in marketing to mom bloggers that we forget there are companies in our local areas that would love to get in on the action, too. Some small businesses haven’t yet figured out how to start a blog or why they’re even vitally important. This is where you come in. You can become a consultant to several local businesses to help them develop their online presence and teach them how to work with bloggers to spread their brand message online.

Local companies may research local suppliers, do you rank for your town and blog, ie Cambridge Blog ?   

Position Yourself As a Social Networking  Expert: If you are on Twitter and Facebook all day long and know every tip and trick in the book about both platforms, then you could seriously become a social media expert or consultant. You should try and lean to be as good as possiable at it.

Brands may hire you to manage their social media sites on a daily basis or they may engage your expertise to give them direction in how to set up their social media profiles and successfully navigate the social media waters. Again, even though social networking is easy for most of us, some brands still don’t have a clue how to properly use Twitter or Facebook and could use your valuable knowledge to teach them the way. 

Try and think about what you can do with it to show who you are and what you can deliver for a client.  

Define Your Niche: Oftentimes it is easier to be recognized by potential clients when you are a leader in your niche. For example, if you are vegan and you blog about everything vegan then it is far easier to become an online marketing consultant to companies who sell vegan products. As a leader in your niche you will be able to help companies extend their marketing into the online world because you live it and blog about it every day. Use your blog as an opportunity to figure out what you love blogging about most and then figure out ways to hone in on your niche and become a leader in it.

Blog Professionally: Penning an excellent personal blog sometimes affords you the opportunity to blog for pay for others. Some mom bloggers use their blogging prowess to create authentic content for company sites. This is a great way to earn an income and spread your influence.

Become a Techie: If you know the backend of content management systems from WordPress to Joomla you could become a web site director for web sites. You would be responsible for maintaining a company’s site, uploading photos, adding content and generally making sure the site is current and in tiptop shape.

Take the opportunity to learn various content management systems in your free time. You never know when what you have learned on your own can land you a job.

Develop a Design Sense: Designing blogs can become a lucrative business for you or, at least a way for you to supplement your household income. Someone is always looking for a great designer, and if you can fill a portfolio with wonderful designs and satisfied customers, you will be well on your way to earning a consistent income.

Cater to New Mom Bloggers: Who knows how many new mom bloggers enter our fold every day. But because of the success we’re experiencing, moms are starting new blogs every day and don’t understand what they’re doing. You can become a consultant to women who need help getting started and then also be available down the road if they have any questions or want to revamp their online image or change the blog’s direction.

A few points about putting these ideas into practice:

1)      Always Put Your Best Foot Forward. When you blog, be sure to consistently do a great job. You never know who is watching and sometimes those who are watching will give you a job in the near future.

2)      Click the Jobs Link: Oftentimes companies have a link on the bottom of their site for jobs. Be sure to check out what a company is looking for and if you think you’re a great fit, be confident enough to apply.

3)      Network:  The more you network online and in person the more your name will be on the top of peoples’ minds when they’re looking for a freelancer, designer, or consultant. Use as many opportunities as you can to network locally and in person at national trade events and conferences.

4)      Offer Your Services: If you recognize a company is struggling in their marketing efforts to mom bloggers, be bold and tell them how you can help them. They may take you up on your offer.

One of the things you must remember is that as a mom blogger you are a leader in the Web 2.0 community. A lot of the things you know, brands don’t. That alone puts you in a powerful position. It’s all about how you can use what you’ve learned to help companies get better acquainted with mom bloggers and the fast-paced online world.

And finally, whenever you provide services for a company, make sure you are compensated. The brilliant Kelby Carr started this conversation earlier this week about paying mom bloggers. Value your time, charge for your services, and companies will in turn value you as well.