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Blogger outreach in practice one step at a time.

Blogger outreach research. The first place it starts is to Google your company name and blog i.e. “murraynewlands blog” and see if anyone is blogging about your company. They may well be a great place to start.   The other place is your product of service area blog i.e. “affiliate blog”. You may well find a list of blogger covering the niche that you are interested in reaching out to. Remember that their readers are likely to be focused on that subject and just the passionate people you want to connect with. Google likes niche blogs and so they are also likely to rank well in Google for your subject that is how you found them! Want to know more about their traffic look at alexa http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/http://www.murraynewlands.com

Do they review products, have they written about people you know of do people you know comment on their blogs and have a connection with them. Review bloggers will be more responsive than those that never review products or services. “site:http://www.theirsite.com yourtopic”.

Read their about page, they may well be find things to connect with them about on a personal level

Blogger outreach via Twitter and Facebook can be as good as or better than contacting them via their blogs, get to know them communicate with them. What conversations are they engaging in, if you can add value to their knowledge that can be a value connection you make. Read their blogs before your reach out to them. Blogger outreach is much easier if you have an introduction.  You could also research these people on Facebook to look for friends in common.

Is there something that they are passionate about that you can connect with, are they running a competition, have they asked for help with something, what can you do for them? Reaching out to a blogger or anyone with something you can do for them is much easier than asking for something from them first. In my case joining my Blog Fan Club with a photo will help, hint

Personalise your email, you hate getting form emails so do bloggers, they are the media in your space and the last thing you want is for them to blog about being spammed by you. Make it short and get to the point, if you can follow up with more information if they want it. Offer to do an interview of guest post about it if you want and if they have them on their blog, you will know because you have read their blog.

They will Google your name so be honest with who you are and who you work for.

Blogger outreach seo, if you want them to seo the post for a particular term with particular links then arrange that with them

Once they write about your project make sure you follow up, blogger outreach should not be one off. Make the most of it Tweet it, Facebook it and link to it from your company site. Spread the news about your news makes the most of it and encourages them to work with you again. You want them to want to work with you in the future. Can you get them to agree to do something about your project next month?

If you are a blogger do you agree?

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