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Setting up Google Alerts with the names of the advertisers is another way to connect with advertisers you want to work with on your blog as a product reviewer. Be sure to use various forms of the advertisers names, nicknames, its use in phrases and use quotes too for the Search Terms. If you want to keep informed on what is happening with Purex, these are the alerts to set up:

1. Purex

2. “Purex Complete 3 in 1”

3. “Purex 3 in 1”

4. “Purex Laundry Sheets”

5. “Purex Insiders”

You’ve covered all the bases this way. If you start to see new ways of chatter about Purex on Twitter, Facebook or in forums, then add those too.

Always use Comprehensive under Type, this will include when the terms are found on the web, in the news, in groups, on blogs and on video.

Then decide how often you want to be alerted. If this is a serious deal for you, you should set it up for As-It-Happens under How Often. If you feel this is too time consuming then change it to Once A Day.

Monitoring brands that interest you helps you be informed of information quickly. If you are not privy to inside information then this is just one way of keeping up with your competition. It helps you to be an authority. You can then write a blog post about what you’ve learned from your Google Alert. Write it as soon as you can and use the same search terms that you find from the source.

Do something unique with the news. Find where the newest product is being sold and buy a few if possible. Make a video about your adventure. If not, call the store and find out if they have any in stock. Interview the person about the product. Is it selling well? Did she buy it? What did she like about it?

Be proactive by using Google Alerts to connect with advertisers and then promote your findings on your blog and on social media sites. Find a way to let the advertiser know that you are keeping up with their brand.

– Connie Roberts

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