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And Murray personal secrets revealed in the blog fan club.

Sharing personal titbits / secrets about your live is a way to enable people to feel connected with you, an element of a peek into Murray’s World. This is amplified  if you do this in a “special club”.  Andy Murray did this by saying thanks on Twitter to his local pizza shop for staying open for him. Not a secret but a view into Murray World. His twitter covers more than just tennis, it enables you to feel you know what is happening in his life. Fans in particular feel a sense of being close to the celebrity. That is why celebrities share their coffee drinking habits and people listen. This is also why celebrities feed the media with the endless monotony of their lives as well as secrets. I have also seen well known bloggers do the same thing.

Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this and I can be a very strong means of getting people to connect and trust you. Let’s remember that people are much more likely to connect with a personal site than a corporate site become people connect with other people. The challenge with this can be that some people see that openness on your part with your life as permission to get to close to fast and those they know you and that you know them. Stalkers are the ultimate in this but people being over demanding is symptom of a similar trait.

Beyond the above there is a need to feed interest with constant updates it is hard to always produce real news to life stream information helps to maintain connection between highlights.

Personal branding is about developing a self image and Dan Schawbel is an expert at this, in the way that I understand. However I have recently heard it termed in another way and that is developing yourself into a sales machine.  The truth is that the more audience you have and the more the enraged the audience you have the more you are valuable to other brands you are in  reviewing / represent / recommending them you are.

What is your favourite celebrity share you have seen lately? What would you like to know about Murray’s World?

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