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I have now tried out MyPRGenie news release distribution service and though I would write a quick MyPRGenie Review.

What can MyPRGenie do for you? 

Well the basics are that you can upload press releases and post them to their blog. Much more than that MyPRGenie enables you to search for bloggers and journalists to create press lists that you can send your press releases to with full information about them. You can then send your press prelease to your selected media list. You can also save this and use it in the future. MyPRGenie also have preselected media lists you can send your information to.

More than a pure press release site MyPRGenie has a Facebook style social network where communications people and media can mingle. I hear that they are also inundated with new clients to they really are a Start up to watch.

There staff are also very helpful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank Gary Edberg for his help. 

For more info see www.MyPRGenie.com