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10 Reasons to go to Affiliate Summit

1. Make money

Well this is the affiliate marketing business we are all in it t make money. This is one of the biggest affiliate events of the year and I for one am looking to negotiate deals with affiliates, networks merchants and brand advertisers. How will you be making money from affiliate summit?

2. The meet market

The meet markets are one of the highlights of the show, always packed out lots of one to one networking and probably among the most intensive deal agreeing sessions in and affiliate marketing event. This is a must if you are going to the summit.

3. The exhibition hall

The affiliate summit exhibition hall, need I say more. Meet some of the best affiliate networks in the industry.

4. Learn the tips from the best

There are a range of sessions conversing from de duping affiliate commissions to tips on blogging. Whatever enterprise you are engaged in learning from the best will take you to the top and this is just what affiliate summit delivers.

5. Great networking

Yes we work in an online world but there is nothing better for growing a business partnership with someone across the other site of the world, or just in another state, than meeting them face to face.

6. Meet up with friends

If you are like me you will spend more that the average 9-5 working on your projects. With working late and attending events around the world this beautiful industry takes up a large part of my life. I have meet some great friends over the years and getting back together with them at affiliate summit, I hope you are as lucky as I am. look out for Heather Smith http://www.twitter.com/Heatherinbc in the Blog Lounge!

7. Make new friends

You never know who you are going to meet at Affiliate Summit one of the best thing is to make new friends you never know you could end up making money together. Never forget in affiliate marketing like many other businesses it is as much about whom you know not what you know.

8. Your competitors will be there

Yes they will, your competitors will be their dealing with your affiliates, networks and merchants and if you are not of at the forefront of their minds your competitors will be.

9. Parties

There are some cracking parties at Affiliate Summit.  You can stay up to date with the here Parties and Special Events during Affiliate Summit West 2010 #ASW10

  1. 10.             Meet my heroes Shawn Collins and Missy Ward

Shawn and Missy are the start of the show they are my heroes, if you go the event, talk to them and you will soon know why.

book your ticket now http://www.affiliatesummit.com/