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XTracks PPC Profitability Tracker for Free

Clickbooth team up with Tracking202 to give you PPC Profitability Tracker for Free. Yes free PPC tracking.

Clickbooth and Tracking202 two companies aging ground fast in the affiliate community by giving back. They are both leading the way forward in affiliate marketing through outreach, giving and great business . 


“The Open Source movement is rapidly changing the pace at which technology progresses, allowing the free-sharing and modification of source code. This has resulted in several powerful marketing tools with enhanced performance, security, and data-tracking features. Clickbooth.com has just released XTracks powered by Tracking202; an Open Source program that provides publishers with detailed statistics regarding their marketing campaigns.”

John Lemp, CEO and Founder of Clickbooth.com, explains that XTracks is part of Clickbooth’s dedication to increase awareness of the benefits that result from Open Source collaboration, “With the public sharing of knowledge we can all collectively move forward much faster as a society. Clickbooth enthusiastically contributes to and supports many Open Source technologies.”

Find out more at http://blog.clickbooth.com/2009/11/26/the-power-of-open-source/