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Jennifer Shelton Mommy’s Online Garage Sale An Interview

Jennifer Shelton runs a blog that is a mixture of product reviews and sales of used and handmade items. This is a unique blog that is concerned with assisting mothers.
Jennifer Shelton

Tell me about your Blog –
Mommys Online Garage Sale is a group of more than 3,400 women across the USA selling their New, Used and Handmade Items on CafeMom.  My blog is an extension of that Group, I wanted to get the Sellers items out to be seen by Buyers.  Our motto is “Mom’s helping Mom’s”

What was your first blog?
My first blog was called “Preserving Memories 4 U” my goal at that time was to sell Digital Scrapbook Pages.

What is the biggest tip you would give to product reviewers?
Organization is key.  I have folders set up within my email so as soon as communication starts with a company I can “move” all of their correspondence.  Once I have completed the Review/Giveaway I delete the information and keep going.  Always remember where your pitch came from so you can go back and add your Review, space out your Giveaways and keep the communication open with the company so they will come back to you.

Are you contacted by advertisers or do you contact them or both?
I contact them and have been contacted by quite a few.  I would say it’s definitely 50/50.

What is your favorite product that you have reviewed?
My favorite product that I reviewed is the Tassimo T45, an outstanding coffee pot. I love the fact that I can have my hot beverage in the flip of a switch, it’s almost immediate.  I love the selection of beverages my favorites are Chai Tea and Carmel Latte.

What do advertisers do that you wish they wouldn’t/ do that you like?

I haven’t had any bad experiences at this point, so far things have been running consistently and smoothly for me.  I like when an advertiser will state in their pitch that they are willing to Host a giveaway.

What do bloggers do that you wish they wouldn’t/do that you like?
LOL, I think it’s annoying when they type out their email Jen at Mommys Online Garage Sale dot com.  I love to see repeat followers for my giveaways.

What advertiser would you like to work with given a chance?
Wow, that’s a tough one.  I don’t think there is a specific advertiser because I am the type of person that pretty much fits into every category other than “Mother with Baby”

Where do you see growth in the blogging field?

I see growth in determination.  Every day I run into a new Mom who has just created a blog in order to review, promote a website or use as an outlet.  Many resolutions were to bring the blog to the next level in 2010 and I’m one of them

How do you write your product reviews? Do you use a specific format?

I’m still learning the “ropes of reviews” I’ve read that you need to be yourself which I try to do but the majority of my post seems to be specifics rather than honest opinion.  It’s something that I’m aware of and will be working on.

How do you get traffic to your blog?

I belong to CafeMom which is a great forum that allows you to include a signature.  I am a member of several ning sites TwitterMoms, Mom Bloggers, etc.  I’m a member of SITS.  I use Fuel My Blog and Link Referral.

What is one thing about you that not many people know?
I’m a perfectionist!

What’s your favorite book?
At the moment it’s “Eat This, Not That” b/c it has helped me understand the true nutritional value of food to help my overweight son.

What is on your iPod?
I have an iPod that sits in the cupboard.  I plan to upload music on it this Spring.

What are your contact details?


CafeMom – BusyBee68
TwitterMoms – http://www.twittermoms.com/profile/JenShelton
Mom Bloggers Club – http://mombloggers.ning.com/profile/JenShelton
The Product Review Place – http://productreviewplace.ning.com/profile/JenShelton

What events do you attend?
I’ve never attended a Blog Event however I would love to one day. I would love to attend The Sits Girls Boot Camp in Baltimore on March 6th.  I want to take my blog to the next level and without the right training/guidance I don’t know if I can do it.  I am a learner who is willing to share with others.  I would also love to attend the We Blog Conference on May 16th in Tn. again for the same reasons as stated above.

How do you prefer to communicate?
email communication is fine with me.

Who would you recommend, and why?
Kim @ http://pieceofcakedecorating.com
Shelly @ http://atticgirl.blogspot.com
Peg @ http://bargainsdealsanddiscountsoutlet.blogspot.com/
Amanda @ http://www.mandablogsabout.com/
Jessica @ http://thebkeepsushonest.blogspot.com/

What is one thing people can do for you?

Take a look at my blog and support a Mom!