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International Lead Generation – What Can It Mean For You

I am speaking on a panel at LeadsCon Las Vegas next week and it is all about International Lead Generation.

If they haven’t done so already, many companies have started to consider either operating internationally or going so far as opening up an office abroad. There is a reason though that most domestic companies still earn the vast majority of their money in their home market. It’s not easy. Doing it right means a mastery of nuances. Whether you are dead-set on operating abroad or going through the exercise, this panel of international operators will provide ‘must know’ insight.


Marc Wheeler – Moderator, Managing Partner, Strategic Options – [email protected]

John Phillip Green, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, LearnHub.com[email protected])

Kasia Meerman, Manager International Sales, TellUs Leads, Inc. – [email protected]

Murray Newlands, Founder, Affiliate Heat – [email protected]

Come to my panel on International Lead Generation www.leadscon.com/