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New Brand Ambassadors for Land O’Frost

Land O’Frost has started a new website called Land O’Moms including its new brand ambassadors Jennifer James, Rachel Matthews and Audrey McClelland. The ambassadors and website were mentioned in a NY Times article, Any Way It’s Sliced, Appeal of Social Media Grows by Stuart Elliot.

If the New York Times article isn’t enough for the website and brand ambassadors to get readers and fans, Land O’Frost has sweetened the deal by giving $2 coupons to the first 75,000 visitors to the site. If you become a fan of the FaceBook page and/or Twitter account of Land O’Frost, $1 will be donated to Youth Sports programs.

Congratulations to Jennifer, Rachel and Audrey on becoming the new Brand Ambassadors for Land O’Frost! This is proof that being genuine, having your own voice and being active on Social Media can work out in big ways.


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