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SkimKit by Skimlinks the tool to make linking more efficient and lucrative for online publishers

SkimKit is a desktop tool that empowers editors and bloggers to easily produce revenue generating
content in a way that also allows them to keep their distance from the commercial side of the

SkimKit offers a live, searchable database of millions of products from Skimlinks’ merchants. It lets
publishers research, find and link to products they are writing about, cleanly and easily, with
immediate access to deeplinks and image URLs. The tool also features a service that creates
shortened, monetised links for use in Twitter and email newsle tters.

“Skimlinks allows publishers that wouldn’t usually  have the resource or ability to harness affiliate  
marketing as a  revenue  stream, and  SkimKit is the next step in our goal to help transform the  
publishig  industry. It brecks  down barriers; allowing  editors  to  have a truly  active part   in  the  
monetisation  process  without feeling any impact  on their  inte grity  or impartiality,  as  th ey  are still  
writing  about  the  kinds  of products  and  retailers  they  normally  write about.”  says  Alicia  Navarro, 
CEO &  Founder  of Skimlinks.  

Head of Digital for Mirror.co.uk  Paul  Hood says  “It  places  the  content and the  commercial  
opportunity  together.   The  editors  have got complete  control  over  the  content  that they’re s electing  
and the comercial happens  automatically.  We’re not missing any opportunities.”

To find  out more about SkimKit visit:  http://skimlinks.com/skimkit