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3D has been making waves on the cinema screen with the likes of Avataar being nominated for 9 Oscars in 2009/2010; it is no wonder that the 3D platform is taking the world by storm and slowly being incorporated in our daily lives.

With the Soccer World Cup around the corner, The Sun has decided to publish a 3D edition including 3D colour ads a week before the start of the World Cup.  A pair of 3D glasses will be handed out with each edition for the reader. There will be a significant premium for this type of new 3D media and we have to ask will it be able to sustain itself?

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa up to 25 games will be captured in 3D for the first time. Is this a fad or are we witnessing the future unfold into something that will become the norm rather than the exception in our daily lives?

On a smaller scale we can already see advertisers and developers starting to incorporate flash in codes as standards for websites and icon attractions on their sites. Static websites are becoming something of a standard and with the short average time of a customer staying on your website we have to ask ourselves where else will 3D be cropping up and can it be used as a viable new source in social media?

I don’t think we are all about to go and get 3D contact lenses but it is food for thought as to how you could potential take 3D and put it in your campaigns and start enticing consumers towards your product. Maybe Jamie Oliver might be giving step by step instructions from ingredients on the back of a pack and showing you exactly how to make your favourite meal.

 by ‘Lianne du Toit’

One comment on “3D – A NEW Social Media Template?

  • I have never heard to regard 3D as a whole new social media template. If it it true, I think it will lead to some big difference indeed.

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