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I am very excited to be brining you Social Media Marketing 2010  with my business partner in this venture Luke Brynley-Jones!

 We will bring together leading brands and marketing experts to explore the viral power of social networks.  With the rise of social networks a new marketing medium has emerged: one that requires trust, rewards value and thrives on word-of-mouth. From blogging to video-sharing, Flickr to Twitter, social media marketing is delivering impressive returns. The question is: are you making the most of it?

Topics we will cover during the day include:

  • Which social networks are your customers using?
  • Which campaigns and techniques get the best results?
  • What are the key ingredients of viral success?
  • How does social media work for B2B marketing?
  • Which are better: groups or bespoke communities?
  • Are there some businesses that shouldn’t use social media?
  • What’s the future of social media marketing?

Presenters include Mat Morrison, Andrew Walker, Charlie Osborne, Sue Keogh, Luke and ME.

EARLY BIRD Ticket are £95 at http://www.socialmediamarketing.co.uk/ (yes great doamin name)

BUT email subscribers to this blog will get large and exclusive discounts sent directly to them!

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