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Bees Awards

The Bees Awards is the first International Social Media competition for PR, advertising and marketing agencies.

On November 9, 2010, 20 judges from 13 countries will honor the best entries in over 16 different categories.

Held at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, the Bees Awards ceremony will be live-streamed.

Bees Awards Deadlines:

Early entries provide a snapshot of where we are in Social Media:

  • 63% of all entries come from large brands: Large brands are embracing actively this new marketing approach on the Web.
  • 70% of all entries come from specialized agencies: Fast growing small agencies are making Social Media Marketing their main expertise and have large client accounts.
  • Early entries have come in from every continent, confirming that Social Media is a worldwide phenomenon.

Fourteen of the sixteen categories already have entries, a clear indication that businesses already know that optimum use of Social Networking goes far beyond creating a Facebook page or having a Twitter account.

A major benefit of submitting is that entries have the oppurtunity to become Case Studies for the International Press. Entries are kept 100 % confidential unless stated otherwise.

The following companies were kind enough to let The Bees Awards use their campaigns as case studies for social media marketing. Explore the following links to learn more about how the international community is using social media professionally:

Interested in having your company can gain visibility and more exposure as a Case Study? Use this link to submit your entry.

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