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Now it is even easier for bloggers to heSocial Media Marketing and Advertising Events Sep 30 - Dec 7 2010lp us spread the word about Influence People‘s premiere Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Monitoring events. We now have a 125×125 banner that rotates all upcoming events so you can maximize visibility with only one ad block.

Special thanks to Imran Josaf from BloggingJunkie for greatly reducing the size of the image and removing events that have been completed. Imran is a true WP geek who shares blogging tips and enjoys collaborating with others.

You can save the image from this post or contact GrowMap if you need one emailed to you. You can add the image to the sidebar in your blog and link it to a post you have written about any of the events.

Be sure to include a highly visible call to action offering your readers your unique discount code for 10% off tickets to any event.

If you are interested in promoting the events and earning a 10% commission on every ticket you sell (and receive valuable incoming links from multiple established sites like this one) read how to promote these premiere Social Media Marketing Events and ask for your unique discount code.

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