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Trisha Lyn Fawver here, blogging live from the Monitoring Social Media event today in San Francisco. 500 dollar loan. Murray has graciously given me run of his blog to keep you all updated!

So far, Marcel LeBrun from Radian 6 did a great job talking about their Social Media Marketing tools and shared some case studies about social media and the benefits of monitoring the conversation via social media.

Giles Palmer from Brandwatch talked a lot about Social Media monitoring.  He discussed tools and their tool, graciously offering a longer-than-usual free trial of their product.  John Yamasaki of Seesmic took it over, talking about case studies using Seesmic’s desktop to get a Ning feed to monitor more streams.  Ning’s APIs are integrated into Seesmic desktop.

I missed Ali Croft’s presentation moving my car, but I was back for Joe Fernandez of Klout.  Did you know that Hugh Hefner is highly influential on juice?  Tropicana should approach him!  Joe shared a case study on work they did for Virgin America where they offered a free trip on their new route to 570 people.  About half opened the email, and about half of those (100+) took the trip.  Yet due to social influence, it ultimately reached 41 million impressions, without even asking the recipients of the free flight to spread the word.  A lot of great questions were asked about how time affects the Klout score – they basically look over the previous 90 days.

More is coming after this break!

All of the slides from today’s event are available on the Influence People Slideshare page.

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