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 Traditional PR has changed; traditional PR no longer works for many companies. Understanding the changes in PR and Social Media PR can be a game changer if you get it right. Social Media PR is not just about Facebook, Twitter and Blogs is it about the way we interact with each other and the world around us.

Philip Sheldrake one of the UK’s most innovative social PR experts, Philip co-founded Fuse PR said “The vast majority of marketing and PR strengths and weaknesses, and associated opportunities and threats, stem from the Web and from the smartphone. And yet another giant has emerged to which the vast majority of marketing and PR professionals are mostly blind in my experience” 

How to do it is one thing how to measure your success is another.

KDPaine recently wrote “it is necessary to measure the quantity and quality of public relations output in order to demonstrate a contribution to outcomes. Whenever possible, it is best to isolate the message generated by public relations and control for other variables in order to more accurately measure the likelihood of direct impact on the target audience. Measuring media coverage is a valuable way of evaluating media-focused public relations and the delivery of intended and unintended messages.”

Learn more from Philip and KDPaine at Social PR London 2011 on the 28th of February http://socialmediamarketing.co.uk/socialpr/