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Ivin ViljoenMurray: Hello Ivin. Thanks for being on my blog. Tell us who you are and what do you do.

Ivin: Hello Murray, thanks for having me. I am Ivin Viljoen and I am basically a blogger focusing on self publishing.

My claim to fame is that I have written my first book in 3 days and published it in two weeks making me a self publishing expert in the process. I have been blogging since 2006 and started a self publishing blog in August 2010 servicing the author and self publishing community with pillar articles to help them write and publish their work.

Murray: How do you approach writing articles when you post on your blog?

Ivin: Well, on my blog I write a lot of ‘how-to’ and definition articles regarding self publishing. I like helping people eradicate their fear of beginning to write and facing the publishing gatekeepers. I also like writing theory/argument articles talking about the publishing industry and writing in general. My best writing is talking about writing novels taking inspiration from the WWE. I also write on current trends and hot topics. This writing is more creative focusing on my niche.

Murray: What makes your blog different than others in your niche?

Ivin: I try to be the best blogger in my niche. I would like to dominate my niche one day and I blog appropriately. I haven’t seen a blog like mine in my niche yet. I offer lots of free stuff and I try writing articles to help people publish without having to pay for it.  My blog participates in events like NaNoWriMo and Scriptfrenzy, entering the various communities in it. I also have a lot of competitions on my blog, some just for commenting and so forth.

Murray: Are you involved in developing any products?

Ivin: I am yes. I have a product called ‘Self Publishing Revealed‘ available on my blog and it can help you publish a novel, non-fiction or academic papers. It’s a 11 video series that gets you published on Amazon. Then, I am working on a writers package that will help all writers write articles, optimize them, promote it etc. It will be one big massive software package that will not be beat. It will benefit bloggers, freelancers, authors etc. It will be high value and competitively priced.

Murray:  Are you developing it yourself of is this a JV?

Ivin: Definitely a JV. I don’t think anyone can make it in this business (or any business for that matter) being a lone ranger. I am still pretty new but I’m making great contact and connecting with people that are as hungry for success as I am. So yes, I am JV’ing with some internet marketers and plan on soliciting the help of leading freelancers and editors in the business to provide their services for great prices. Watch out for it on my blog.

Murray: Are you involved in affiliate marketing?

Ivin: I am, but I have a philosophy following your and Gail Gardner‘s example of being honorable, transparent and having full disclosure. I am not making a full time living from blogging or publishing yet, but I’m growing. My philosophy is to only promote products that I use personally. I cannot get myself to promote something for the sake of making affiliate commissions, so I have a couple products on my blog but I will only sell products once I am confident I have gained the trust of people.

Murray: I heard you have a catchphrase? What is that all about?

Ivin: You caught that? I actually gave a massive prize to a Twitter user for noticing it and paying attention on my blog. It’s ‘Stop dreaming and make it happen!’ I know there are a lot of people that would like to publish their book but get despondent over the hurdles they have to jump over like book proposals, publishing gatekeepers and the one and a half year it can take for a book to be published. My method is ‘Flash Publishing’ – allowing you to publish in as little as two weeks – so you can ‘stop dreaming and make it happen.’ The only person holding you back is yourself.

Murray: Great. What’s next for Authopublisher?

Ivin: Well I have a couple goals for the near future. First off, a development we are working on following our recent release of our forum is a membership extension. Here we plan to make all kinds of writer and publishing tools available – it will of course have free and premium options. Then, and this is a bold one, I want to have Authopublisher be a well searched keyword for self publishing. I plan to do this through education and promotion.

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Stop dreaming and make it happen! 😉

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