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SEO Affiliate Marketing Contest

Earn an average commission of $240 (8% commissions on average sales of $3000) and compete to win $15,000 – already increased to $15,404.72 and climbing!

So I’m sure you’ve heard of America’s Got Talent, or maybe American Idol rings a bell? But have you heard of The World’s SEO Idol Competition?

You probably haven’t, but in these economic times you should know exactly what this contest is all about because it could be the easiest way to earn over $15,000 without ever leaving your home.

Shiree Odiz, an online diamond company, is hosting an international SEO contest that simply by posting “makeityourring diamond engagement rings” on your blog, web site, etc you can be in the running to win $15,000 and a percentage of any sales  brought to the company from your link. They’re also throwing in a percentage of all profits in the next year, so the money is just going to keep on growing. Pretty Nice?

You might be scratching your head at this point, but honestly it is that simple. With search engines (SEO) accounting for over 80% of all internet traffic, and results now appearing on multi-platforms (Google, Facebook, Bing etc.) SEO specialists, whose primary aim is to enhance a company’s online portfolio, are vital in tackling the fast-growing and often confusing internet landscape. Which is why with a couple taps on your keyboard you can be on your way to becoming the World’s Next SEO King or Queen.

The CEO of Shiree Odiz, Daniel Setton, is quick to mention that there is “no limit to how high the prize money can reach”. The more sales that are made on the site (www.shireeodiz.com), the higher the prizes will rise. So even if that $15,000 might not look like a lot right now it could easily triple in the next few months. Who knows where it will be a year from now? Mr. Setton acknowledged that the contest was more of a Grass Roots take into the SEO market (with a twist), and was aimed primarily towards more of the casual SEO marketers, however as the prize money rises, this could soon appeal to the big leagues; making this anyone’s game.

Exact rules and regulations can be found here: http://www.shireeodiz.com/seo-idol.html. Affiliate earnings and the contest are totally separate. You can participate in either or both and can earn income from either or both.


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