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Probably best if we just all face it, social media marketing is not going away. At least not any time soon. If you think your efforts at maximizing social media to benefit your business could use some honing, perhaps attending one of the never ending list of conferences, seminars and speaker events will help re-focus the time, money and energy you’re currently expending to get the word out.

One of the most important aspects of any technology or social media event is understanding that some of the best things you can get from them might not be part of the planned activities. Be sure when you attend your next event that you spend plenty of time hanging out in the hallway. This is where you will make quality connections with your peers and other business associates who can have compounded effects on the way you conduct your own business affairs.

The following list of upcoming events that you may not have heard of which cover the world of social media marketing.

Upcoming Social Media Events

  • Social Media Marketing Events: Looking for a social media event in your neighborhood? Influence people has a series of upcoming events in London, San Francisco, New York, and Paris throughout the summer. Find the right event for you!
  • DEMO: While not technically a focused social media event, there is so much social interaction and community involvement going on here that you’d be foolish to skip attending this conference. You’ll get the advanced notice on all the latest companies launching and new, fascinating products and services which are about to enter the market place.
  • Social Media & PR Conference: If you happen to work for some of the truly big boys of business, or simply are going to find yourself in the Singapore area, then don’t miss your chance to hang out and rub elbows with some of your most powerful colleagues as they discuss all things social media and public relations. The business world realizes there are shifting sands in the way they need to get out their business messages. Learn how they are planning to do it right here.
  • Engage 2011: Mobile is clearly the next shiny, new thing in online marketing and Webtrends annual social/mobile marketing and analytics conference will help you tap into how your users and customers are using smartphones and other mobile devices to stay in touch with your company. Some of the top marketing professionals from Fortune 500 companies down to successful, emerging start ups will be in attendance.
  • Borrell Associates Local Online Advertising Conference: Happening in NYC in early March, this annual conference is all about helping your business focus on using the tools of the Internet in order to tap into the customers in your local area. Social media marketing, especially the recent explosion of geolocation services are sure to be a popular aspect of this show. Watch on demand through April 5th.
  • Online Marketing Strategies for Travel: In early June, this specialty event combines the best of what’s new and effective in social communities with those working in the travel industry. In it’s fourth year, this show will provide travel professionals with valuable insight in how to take advantage of social media marketing.

What social media events are you going to this year?

This is a guest post by Brian Tanner, a freelance writer for HP who makes technology products (such as that great printer to produce your marketing materials) to help people and companies address their problems and challenges, and realize their possibilities, aspirations and dreams.