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This post is a bit or a personal update for those that know me and for those that do not yet it will make a good start. ūüôā

I have been trying to get a US VISA for a long time and it finally came through on Tuesday. This has taken 2 years work and I am more than a little pleased.

While I did not know I was going to get my VISA know I had hoped that it might come through and I had bought a ticket to SXSW in the hope of coming. Flights yesterday were remarkably cheap so I hopped on a plain and am now in Austin.

I have had a great time working with Luke running Influence People and social media monitoring events around the world and while he is a great guy and I liked working with him ( would recommend him to you) I will not be running more events with him. Luke will be running more events so please do look at www.oursocialtimes.com/ for all the up coming events.

So what will I be doing?

http://theaffiliatemarketingawards.com/ are coming up soon

-I have been consulting with VigLink  for a while and there seems to be a great fit so I will be doing lots more with them. I very much like working with Oliver Roup and the rest of the team over there. I love working with a company which helps publishers make more money in a very positive way. If you are at SXSW and would like to talk with me about VigLink please email me murray at company name dot com.

-Running the 2 blog clubs and opening an LA blog club

-My Online Marketing book is coming out in April – buy your copy on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Online-Marketing-Manual-Murray-Newlands/dp/0470973846

-I have a publisher for my book http://www.howtomakeablogbook.com/ which needs some additions before coming out later this year

-I have a book deal for a book about blogging for small business

-I have some other plans which I can not tell you about just yet.

-Getting a US driving licence and all the other stuff that moving countries entails.

-After 2 years of deliberately being single I might try and find girlfriend.

So as you can see lots happening please do be patient if I do not get right back to all your emails.

I would also like to say thank you again for reading my blog and all the great emails you send me.