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Adtribution is important to affiliates because in many sectors consumers take time to research products before they buy them.

A consumer might read a review on a blog one day search on Google the next and click on a paid add and then buy the item with a discount code. Right now most affiliate programs would only pay the discount code site a commission because they are at the end of the purchase cycle. This is why they are so popular among some affiliates and hated by others (who say they add no or little value and “steal” their commission, a debate for another day).

The truth is that it may be a number of sites along a purchase decision making journey that brings a consumer to purchase.

Content on blogs and review sites often gets a large audience and is powerful in influencing a consumer in their early stages often monetizes badly because it is at the start of the purchase cycle however it is very valuable to advertisers because of the reach it can have. attribution would enable advertisers to reward more players in the cycle than just the last click. Bloggers will be happy about this and discount code sites may not be so keen on this.

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